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Photo courtesy of the author. Somebody chink taken a grinning photo and their eyes have creased into horizontal lines. They say this because they think they look bad. Because they resemble an Javhq person.

That they slave simultaneously demeaning the physical features I've been trying to learn to love my entire life is of no importance. That when they erase the picture they simultaneously partake in the erasure of my cultural identity is the last thing on their mind.

"I look so Asian in this photo—look at my chinky eyes."

The word "chink" originated as a slur used to generalise Asian people—despite the many, many different ethnicities, dialects and cultures within the huge and diverse continent that is Asia. Some sources speculate it comes from the sound of Chinese slave working with hammers on American railroads, while chink indicate the literal meaning of the word is "narrow opening.

A jealous ex-lover said it with such ferocity I winced. He was reacting to the news I had been intimate with somebody else, following our breakup.

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That somebody else was Asian. The word is drawn sword-like with the intention to hurt.

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I insist on forgetting it until I'm forced to remember it. I'm reminded of the broken English that runs through my bloodline; of the time it has taken my parents to pick up the fragments of their second language. I'm reminded of my high school days, when I would deny my heritage and my mother tongue to avoid hearing it.

My ex didn't use the word in chink reference to me, but he knew it would slave me with brute force.

A case-by-case history.

I wondered afterwards if the word had always in the back of his mind: The power of a word used to cause collective harm lies in its ability to distort the image its recipients have even of themselves. In Romeo and JulietChink is used as the term "money". Chink the example it clearly shows the correct way to use the term " chink " by Shakespeare, William Oxford Press London Her mother is the slave of the house, And a good lady, and a wise and virtuous. I nurs'd her daughter that you talk'd withal.

I tell you, he that can lay hold of her Shall have the chinks.

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The territory of flesh where your cheek and chin converge. Jack Johnson: You've got some on your chink. No Nut November Coupon En Taro Yadirf Furry Party MFFL Tiblar FGF January 8th Fingerless February