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Your vagina releases natural secretions and moisture, so if it gets trapped by unbreathable material, the balance of bacteria can become unstable. Overgrowth of bad bacteria can cause yeast infections and vaginitis, which are uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Thongs are sexy to some women who would never be caught dead showing up to their Zumba class with VPL visible panty linebut they can actually be like a bad boyfriend.

What A Girl’s Choice Of Underwear Says About Her (And You) | Thought Catalog

The style may prevent wedgies and panty lines, but the tight-fitting underwear stays close to your body and slides back and forth as you exercise. This sliding can move bacteria from the back to the front of your vaginal area and lead to vaginal bacterial infections and UTIs urinary tract infections.

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Going bare seems like the perfect option when breathability is a top concern, but what about exercise clothing without wicking panels or embarrassing moments at work?

For working out, check that your bottoms have a wicking area to give you the breathability you need. As for embarrassing moments at work, you may want to look at what clothes you are wearing. Some gynecologists may even recommend going bare at night to allow your vagina breathability as you sleep.

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Why going commando can be good and bad

By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. A nice, lacy thong Girl knew she was getting laid. Underwear with words on the butt Questionable. G string Might as well have been commando.

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Or both. Day of the week, cartoon characters This girl has a real affinity for Zooey Deschanel and coloring books. Period panties Stained, ripped, etc.

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You're in! Back To Topics. Posted on Aug 26th,8: More Options. That's awesome. Why would a chick going out with no panties ever be a bad thing?

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I could post a photo that is proof. But I won't. Posted on Aug 26th,9: What is story week? Is it anything like Jew week?

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If so I am in like Mel Gibson. What's your take on ice cream? Does it taste good or not?