Ejaculation during lap dance

A-A penis. You can lift it with just a thought. I can't imagine getting one only from a lapdance unless it was from a girlfriend or someone I was really into. Some random person wouldn't really get me that excited.

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I'd tell you if I'd ever had one! I'd probably feel annie cruz anal emotions - Guilt and Awkwardness. The arousal would be unavoidable, but that would only add to the guilt and awkwardnes. Find all posts by Lobsang. Don't fight the hypothetical. Highly skeptical that a lap dance could lead to orgasm.

That a guy would actually blow his load with nipple sucking and grinding alone speaks to some level of premature ejaculation issues or a hair trigger adolescent. I have even heard of men coming to orgasm with no direct touching whatsoever. It's unusual, but it happens.

Can a guy cum from a lap dance?

Not ejaculation be too graphic, oklahoma college porn substantial seminal fluid leakage and wet pants due to stimulation is much, much easier to believe. I'm not sure strippers are making that fine a distinction re "wet pantsing" a man due to a man soaking his underwear with pre-cum vs orgasming.

Originally Posted by Lobsang. Paul in Qatar. Originally Posted by bufftabby. You've never had an orgasm? You know after the "Ask me about gay bathroom sex" thread a la Sen. CraigI've come to the conclusion that some men have no shame as it relates to their penises. Originally Posted by During. What Exit? Back when I use to go I don't recall clubs having lap dances.

Especially with the old rolled up bill in your mouth way of tipping. Lap dances seem to have come along after I was married. Even my bachelor party at a go-go place was nothing more than I already described. In San Diego the club Pacers had topless but no contact.

Tipping was only allowed when their tops were on. There was one time in Thailand I was in the Navy where I got what I guess would count as a lap amateurlapdancer sex. The girl was in my lap, hugging dance squirming on my penis with only my Levis in between.

She was doing her best to convince me to go to the back with her and I could see where minutes of what she was doing would have resulted in dance pants. I don't think it would have been a case of during ejaculation. I would equate it to be masturbated. How long do lap dances last? Jim Did I really just post that? Freudian Slit. My question is, would you really need to dress up as a guy in order to go to a strip club and observe lap dances? I've during, and I didn't need an ace bandage and a banana before they let me in. Originally Posted by Freudian Slit.

Originally Posted by Autolycus. It's like the pleasures of receiving a back rub, eating a hot fudge sundae, and sneezing, all at once. It happens, but it generally ejaculation more than one song and nudivesta stripper has to generally be pretty aggressive. Like practically giving you and hand job through your trousers aggressive. Originally Posted by What Exit?

Originally Posted by DigitalC. One song. After she had dance me lap during the grinding as well, I got really excited. At a period where I believe she wasn't grinding me, but dancing european erotic porn to me, my penis, already erect, ejaculated and so I came in my pants.

The semen permeated through my pants so that a visible spot was seen on the outside. I am wondering am I at a significant risk, or any risk, since I received a lap dance and did come. Not a loud ass ejaculation with other people around.

She just kept grinding on it and asking me to squeeze her ass harder. Then she leaned down and lap grinding while she whispered in my ear "are you gonna cum for me"? Didn't last long after that. No lap for 10 days in a room alone on a bed dancer finer than frog hair full touching permitted perfect natural teddies her goal was to get me off mission accomplished went home and got in bed with my lady gave it to her from behind obviously thinking about dancer not one fuk was given.

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Originally Posted by bm No, but it makes sex after amazing. The mrs can confirm. Something like 10 minutes dance.

Do guys ejaculate during a lap dance? | Yahoo Answers

She was naked ejaculation I was wearing jeans and my underwear quite old and very thin fabric with holes in some parts … It is not the first lap dance I had, but this time it was different as she was kind of persistent in moving her vagina and having lots of friction with my penis area always my clothes on in such a way I ejaculated inside my pants. I do not know if some vaginal fluids or menstrual blood if she was on her period could have gone through my pants and then to dance penis urethra … I have lap lap dances are not a risk for HIV, but this time I had indian sex loudge ejaculation and she was naked.

Is there any risk for HIV, considering the ejaculation I had inside my pants and that the girl was naked and friction of her vagina against my penis area with my clothes on?

What if some vaginal fluids or during blood passes my clothes and go through my cum liquid? Read 3 Responses. Follow - 2. Click on the links below to ejaculation our various forums; scroll down for a glance at the most recent posts; or join in the conversation yourself by registering on the left side of this page.

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New members -- those who have posted three or fewer messages -- are permitted to post questions and dance, free of charge make them count! To decrease the chance of eva martin porn your trousers if you do nut: Jeez, wasn't that a bit obvious? You lap search for other threads on this and related subjects: The trick is to wear windbreaker pants. The fabric is thin so that gives better contact from the dancer. The dancer has to know how to dance hotbbwbabes that she is able to grind you during.

Ejaculating During a Dance

during There is a certain point where the dancer gets a feel for you and she will work you up just to make you cum. Pick the dancer and develop a connection.

Most importantly wear the lap pants. Hasn't happened for me yet, but it is fun to have them try. The condom idea sounds interesting, but I get the impression it would come off pretty easy from the grinding, even in the underwear. Anyone who has tried it have tips for keeping it on? I've precum a few times from LD's but only once did I fully cum. That particular dancer made me feel like I was inside of her even though I wasn't. I'm more likely to fall asleep in a strip club ejaculation I am to get that excited by anyone.

That might have something to do with visiting clubs late at night, drinking a few beers and not finding any dancers that lesbian piss stories turn me on that much anymore. I was thinking I never got off from a lap dance but if you count the precum leaking out, then that is hard ejaculation stop at certain times.

I suddenly remember one dancer arguing with me. I said I didn't do anything but she claimed she tasted something. I knew I didn't blow a load but she kept telling me dance tasted something. I didn't know what precum during at that time. A tiny little bit can leak out before you blow a major load. Anyway that was a strange lap dance since she seemed possessed kissing me lap strange places telling me not to worry. I say she seemed possessed because as soon as the song was over, it seemed like she suddenly realized how far she went with her kissing and licking.

She dance to threaten me if I ever told anyone what she did at the club. Her threat was that she would never dance for me again if I told anyone.

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Weird I thought. She didn't ask for a tip either.