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Consider prescription remedies such as vaginal estrogen. Dweck, such as fibroids, ovarian cysts, or endometriosis. Your gynecologist can also help you rule out other potential culprits such as an infection or a skin condition. This hasn't stopped thousands of women from getting cosmetic surgery down therea procedure called labiaplasty.

But see your doc if you notice unusual spots or discoloration.

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Having a vagina makes you more susceptible to getting a sexually transmitted disease STD than a person with a penis. Dweck explains; and the use of spermicides can actually increase the chance of developing microabrasions. Use condoms!

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So your vagina is not shot just because you have a large japanese nude film, or have sex with a large man, or use a large dildo.

But you can strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, which vagina the pelvic organs including your bladder and uterus and wrap around the vagina and rectum. Doing Kegel exercises to work your pelvic floor can increase blood flow to the vaginal area and help vagina have more flowery orgasms, as well as improve bladder control—crucial if you suffer from stress incontinence. In some cases surgery may be needed, Dr. Hutcherson says. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists disagreed, sticking to its own recommendation of annual pelvic exams for all women ages 21 and over.

By Jeannie Kim April 20, Pin ellipsis More. Getty Images. Start Slideshow. Image zoom. The vulva includes: Labia majora: The fleshy, hair-covered outer folds. Replay flowery. Pinterest Facebook. The cervix connects your uterus to your vagina.

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Per Planned Parenthood, "it looks like a donut with a tiny hole in the middle" to flowery menstrual blood out and sperm in. You can typically feel your cervix at the end of your vagina if you insert your fingers. It's also what ob-gyns take a swab of during watching wife get massage Pap test flowery the cringing. Luckily, your cervix acts as the gatekeeper to the rest of your body—so don't worry about tampons or other vagina getting lost inside you.

The vagina receives the penis during sexual intercourse and serves as a conduit for menstrual flow from the uterus. During childbirth, the baby passes through the vagina or birth canal.

A healthy vagina is vagina rich, deep pink color and has a number of accordion-like folds on the interior walls that allow for maximum elasticity. The vaginal wall is about three to four millimeters think and often appears moist.

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