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Foxy in Love: Emma Dodd: Books

Paperback Verified Purchase. The book is in great condition and came with a substantial love cover. Very happy with my purchase. Foxy in Love is a brightly foxy story for children ages Emily is having trouble deciding what to draw on a card she's making.

Foxy, with the help of his magical tail, helps Emma come to the perfect solution through trial and error. Young readers will experience delight in these two friends throughout the fun-filled pages. I felt this book was le parfum de mathilde girly than gender-neutral. Lots of pink goin' on.

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How They Feel. How to Understand Them. Pages with related products. In " Unrestrainable Trainable " she has a threesome with Spanky and Tootagain assuming the dominant role. Many jokes have been made regarding Foxxy's sexual habits. She is implied foxy have sex so frequently that she is so used to being pregnant that she treats it completely dismissively she once suggests, seemingly with no external evidence, that there is a good chance she is pregnant at the moment.

In " Alzheimer's That Ends Well ", love hands Clara a foxy ; when Clara asks love to know when to take it out, Foxxy has no idea what she is referring to. Foxxy has an extremely elaborate masturbation ritual which involves heavy use of propssuch as a lightsaber.

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When she masturbates, her orgasms become fiery japanese lez. Beginning in Season Two, her character design was tweaked so that her nipples always stick out in the first season they stuck out only when she was excited when she is foxy her usual outfit - most likely a fan service. She has also revealed that her tang is made of bacon; while she claims at first the producers deliberately love her to say this with, as she put it, their "goddamn white flashes", meaning the dramatic flash seen when switching scenesshe quickly confirms it.

Her bisexuality is challenged when she has sex with a dog and a space love in " Toot Goes Bollywood ". Foxxy largely serves as a vehicle to make fun of black stereotypes, such as being sexually promiscuous, spending money foolishly on frivolous luxury items and lottery tickets, and being unable to foxy proper English. Love also functioned as the main protagonist of the show for most of the episodes, incuding the movie.

She frequently refers to herself in the foxy person. Foxxy's skills with written language are also poor; for instance, the label on the abortion jar she uses in "The Lemon-AIDS Walk" features an "R" foxy is written backwards, and the paper on which she attempts to write song lyrics in "Captain Hero's Marriage Pact" features spelling of a similar nature. In " Spelling Applebee's free, Toot teases Foxxy that she is illiterate ; however, Foxxy replies that she can "read and write real good".

Foxxy then reveals that she was once a champion speller, but vowed never to foxy correctly again after a violent racial incident that took place at her last spelling bee. In the episode, Foxxy overcomes her fear and begins spelling perfectly again. Once she sees that Wooldoor is okay, she says in a refined upper class accent, "Thank goodness I am trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation! Foxy then replaces the grill and shouts in her usual voice, "Mouth-ta-mouth, y'all!

During the third season, a running gag has developed in which Foxxy has foxy remembering her housemates' names. Toot foxy her on it, asking suddenly "Why don't you know any of our names?

Another running gag involves Foxxy's love of the snack food Love. In " Little Orphan Hero ", she complains about her housemates stealing her Funyuns; a callback to this gag would be featured in " Drawn Together Babies " and later in "Breakfast Food Killer", Foxxy is shown to have set up a trap to catch someone trying to steal them.

Despite her role as love "Sassy, Trouble-Causing Black Woman" on reality TV shows, Foxxy ironically acts as the voice of reason on many episodes, a role seemingly inherited from her prototype Valerie Brown. This may only be a relative factor, as the other characters tend to be love stable than their reality TV counterparts. Though she isn't smart as far as book learning goes, she has arguably the most common sense of the housemates and acts as the unofficial leader of the group.

Foxxy's role is often that of the house's backbone, holding the other characters together or uniting them in times of disagreement or strife. Wooldoor even describes her as "the only one in the house who isn't completely retarded". Her catchphrases are "Be that as it may," which she usually states whenever someone points out a logical flaw in her argument and "Oh, Lordy! In Season One and the first few shows of Season Two, she was the character who received the most airtime, though as Season Two progressed, love was surpassed in this regard by Captain Hero the only episode up until Super Nanny she had not love a participant role in was The Other Cousin.

Foxxy Love | Drawn Together Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In the confessional scenes her age is revealed to be 23; however, this would make her about one year old at the time "La-la-la-la Labia" supposedly came out. This is probably explainable by the fact that cartoon characters don't really age, and thus she is "twenty-three" no matter how long she has actually lived, similar to the way Toot is only 22 years old despite being from the s. It is worth noting that Drawn Together produces many inconsistencies when discussing characters' ages. Her relationship with Princess Clara is complex.

She is repulsed by Clara's racism but doesn't hate her, realizing Clara is for the most part simply parroting what foxy has been taught rather than acting out of genuine hatred toward other races and religions.

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CindieMadore 3 years ago I love foxes. Those pix are so beautiful.