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30 Day Slim Butt Workout Challenge - Lose Butt Fat and Reduce Butt Size

But luckily for those of us with smaller buns, the ratio of leotard and thong swallowing to not is reduced. And let's be honest: That's not a bad uniform to rock.

10 Shopping Problems Only Women With Small Butts Understand

High-wasted shorts are the most versatile warm weather item of clothing ever. Whether they come in the form of denim shorts for the upcoming summer season, or worn to work with a pair of tights in the winter, high-waisted shorts are a no-brainer go-to that always look good. At least that's how it works in my head.

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Oh, girls want to keep teasing me about my plateau of a butt? That's cool, I'll be over here enjoying the fact the I require less seating real estate than someone with a juicy booty. Flat, bubble, shelf, perky, saggy—they're all awesome. No butt should ever make anyone sad ever. Skinny butts should make you happy.

Mr 18 movies go shake that what your mama butts you in front of a mirror and give your booty some love. I know I will be. Did anyone see the pun? I thought that was a great pun. These would be great and cute and totally give my butt a great curve If you're a true member of the big-thigh small-butt committee like President Heatherthere may be an indent where your butt is because the curve of your hamstring is bigger than that of your tosh. Your quads and hamstrings are huge, yes, but they're strong af too.

It's just every time you try to grow your butt your thighs grow too The more your thighs flatten out when you sit down, the more puppies skinny can hold on your butts, so who's the real winner here?

Cause you had to have a larger waist to get the pants over your thighs to begin with, but now they're too big for your waist. The phrase with shaped haunts you. Finding girls perfect pair of with is your life goal. Sighmaybe one day… 8. Wearing yoga pants is, sometimes, a necessity.

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But if you wear a plunging neckline, nobody notices. More From Thought Catalog. On Booty. Get our newsletter every Friday!

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You're in! That's just the way gravity works. This is especially bad with yoga pants and leggings. Pants that don't have butt pockets. Pockets are great.

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Pockets with little flap closures are even better. You are not ashamed by this. Flowy skater skirts are never a good thing.

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It's one of the greatest unfortunate mysteries of life.