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The plunging back ass Eva Longoria's red-hot dress accentuates her killer backside. Everyone's fantasy BFF flaunts her superior posterior after her big celebrity at this year's Oscars. It's safe to say that odds are definitely in her favor.

In case the fact that she's dating Ryan Gosling isn't reason enough to envy Eva Mendes, check out the star's completely stunning physique. The Roberto Cavalli dress the Nashville actress and former Women's Health cover hottest wore sexy wife stockings this year's Golden Globe Awards show hugged her figure in all the right places. Miranda Kerr. Christina Aguilera. Candice Swanepoel.

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Tyra Banks. Amber Rose. Solange Knowles. Kate Hudson. Cameron Diaz. Lea Michele.

Kendall Jenner (via Khloe Kardashian)

Salma Hottest. It's hard not to have a girl crush on Emmy Rossum. Read up on Rossum's secrets to staying in top shape. Rosario Dawson princessalena ts spectacular here at the L. Check out Dawson's workout playlist, favorite things, and more here. Charlize Theron ass, pictured here at the Celebrity Fair Oscar party on February 27,in Hollywood, looks fit and feminine on and off the red carpet.

The opening shot of Scarlett Johansson 's backside in Lost in Translation is about as iconic as opening shots come. Johansson showed off her assets here at the Oscars on February 27,in Hollywood.

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Jennifer Lopez could be credited with starting the booty obsession. We think Heather Morris has the best bum on Glee. The Best Butts in Hollywood. There she is; all set to blow your mind with her rounder-than-earth caboose!

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Oh boy, that's some hot ass meat hiding under that blue bottom. The year-old Colombian pop star is not as active as she once used to be. Let's hope the Ruskies don't snub her. Kylie Jenner - ah, a blooming shiitake mushroom of the famous Kardashian clan! Just look at her gigantic ass! Kylie's derriere looks as if Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Sex, pumped some hot air into it and then locked the whole thing up with a butt plug!

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So, which one of these celebrities do you think has the best butt? And remember that the biggest butt isn't automatically number one. Great butts come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the beautiful women attached to those butts.

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There are even female CEO's and female astronauts with great butts along with their giant brains and general awesome-ness.