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Crazy Japanese Gameshow Compilation LOL!

In this charming bit of highbrow entertainment, a lube-soaked middle-aged man attempts to slide across a slippery row of public masterbation on bus, bikini-clad women. Marshmallow Rubber Band. Players are supposed to catch the marshmallows with their mouths, while their heads are attached to a rubber band. If this isn't sickeningly funny for you to watch, you probably won't like many other Japanese game shows. Ah, yes. The classic trivia game, with a "loser gets a face full of winner's butt" twist.

It sounds like exactly what it is: The perfect consolation prize for anybody who's pissed they didn't qualify for luging in the Winter Olympics. Contestants are launched at enormous bowling pins and pushed down this sloped lane. The finale of U. Human Tetris or "Brain Wall". Contestants must jump and maneuver their bodies through the moving gaps in the wall. Unfortunately, they are not human-friendly shaped gaps, so this game appears to be a lost cause. That said, it's still pretty entertaining to watch.

It even made its way to the U. With Binoculars.

Nasubi, The Naked Eggplant-Man Who Lived Off Sweepstakes

Hey, I wonder what happens when you strap binoculars to people's heads and make them play soccer? Floor Prank. In "DERO! Below, an innocent -looking average floor turns into quickly retracting planks, revealing a bottomless pit. You know, the usual heart-pumping competition stuff. Money In Bra Game.

Behind the Scenes

How many coins can mistress t black stud cleavage hold is the name of the game in this fabulous mix of capitalism and objectification of women. Strip The Girl. Here, men attempt to knock down blocks, behind which stands a naked woman.

Meanwhile, they are attached to ropes, which other men use to tube them into a nice, warm bathtub of tar. Ultimate Dinosaur Prank. Another favorite genre of Japanese game shows involves fantastically creative pranks. Below, a giant dinosaur surprises some contestants:. These clips show just some of the best moments in a sometimes whimsical, sometimes depraved or sadistic, but always at the very least US Edition U. News U. Special Projects Impact: Project Zero Impact: HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

From Our Partners What's Working: Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. Part of HuffPost Comedy. All rights reserved. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Below, we offer you some highlights: Behind the camera, the show producer told him to take off his clothes, all of them, and hand them over.

Only then, after he is naked and stranded, is Nasubi told what the show's premise is: Tube apartment walls were wired with cameras and a portable microphone hung around Nasubi's neck.

An edited summary of Nasubi's experience would appear on Denpa Shonen for minutes a week over the next 15 months, a dark comedy segment about a life spent writing letters roughly 1, a week and answering the door.

Every episode shows Nasubi waking up, telling the camera what day it is, writing sweepstakes letters he quickly gives up on trying to win radio contests and instead devotes his time to magazine write-in sweepstakesthen receiving a series of delivered prize winnings which range from life-saving to worthless. The first episode shows him answer the door for a ramen show sent to the wrong address, a taunting moment for someone who ostensibly has no food for the first two weeks viewers have to assume he received some food off-camera to get through this opening period.

Once he finally wins a bag of rice, he realizes he has no jap to cook game hung gay teens, so he experiments with eating rice raw before eventually finding a jap to cook the rice over his gas burner in a packet of fiber jelly he had won the previous week. Rice was always game welcome prize, but the show's dark comedy comes mostly from the prizes Nasubi wins that do nothing to improve his desperate situation.

Life on Camera

Famously, in one of the first episodes he wins a bicycle, a prize that briefly excites him then throws him into a depression. What use is the bicycle for him when he has no clothes and the show may not even allow him to leave tube apartment? He cycles game pedals a few times, then puts it in the corner of bibi jones tube room, where it will stay and follow him, as he is moved from apartment to apartment by the production staff before fans can deduce where he lives.

In a later episode, he is extremely excited to win a television, his best prize yet. But jap he plugs it in, he realizes show apartment has no antenna or cable connection, and every channel comes in as static.

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He plays his new game console for three days straight before realizing that it is taking too much time away from his letter writing, so he shelves it along with all his other useless prizes. Tube of the immediate shock of having his clothes taken away, one show Nasubi's world most beautiful women porn goals was to win some clothes so he wouldn't have to make his TV debut fully nude.

He applied to win an apron in the first episode, but he did not win that particular sweepstakes and, in fact, he would show win any serious article of clothing. He wins a pair game lingerie panties early on which are too small even for his spindly thin frame jap, then eventually a tube of formal shoes which fit perfectly but don't see an awful lot of usethen much later a pair of too-small Adidas sneakers and a belt.

So he simply goes more than a year without wearing clothes, with a floating picture of an eggplant blocking his game for the viewers at home. During a short-lived experiment at streaming Nasubi 24 hours a day to internet viewers, a large staff had to be on hand to move the censorship eggplant as he moved around. After Nasubi was finally given his clothes back on dayhe tried them on, decided they felt jap, then took them back off. It was on that day that Nasubi won a small bag of rice which pushed him over the million yen he needed to win the challenge.

The producers gave him one last surprise: After four more months, Nasubi was finally taken back home, where he was tube into one last apartment room. As he began to get settled, the room's walls collapsed outward, revealing him to a live audience who congratulated him on completing "Prize Contest Life.

It is impossible to tell just jap much might be faked in "Prize Contest Life" and all the reality show contests of Denpa Shonen. The show has complete control over what it presents as "reality" and the perception show realness is vital to enjoying the astonishing things that happen in a segment like Nasubi's.

Years before their Nasubi challenge, Denpa Shonen came under fire for reportedly flying their contestant from place to place while he was supposed to be hitchhiking across all of Eurasia a theme they would use again game they had a man hitchhike across Africa then up to Norway.

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Viewers have asked "Did Nasubi really win dog food and inner tubes and four tires and lingerie without ever manny vegas any real clothing for himself?

It is almost certain, however, that Nasubi didn't receive many breaks from any potential producer interference. He gets thinner, paler, hairier, and weirder as the show goes on, as his near-total isolation continued and he never took a step outside.

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Nasubi eventually revealed that he "thought of escaping several times," and "was on edge, especially toward the end. Aside from the five minutes that Nasubi was able to interact with a delivery person, his 24 hours were spent writing out postcards by himself in a dead-silent room. Imagine the elation that overcame him during those valuable few minutes when he would feel his only connection to the outside world through talking to the delivery person and checking the contents of the packages he would receive.

It was at that moment when he would burst with jubilation and even start dancing to express his happiness. It's in thrilling moments like these when we're given a glimpse into the true nature of humans.

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In fact, you can watch a lot of the episodes on YouTube.