Jugworld Artist. Mackey Auto Broker Car Dealership. Creative, Crafted LLC. Interior Design Studio. Precision Telecom Computer Company. Security Financial Management, Inc. Financial Planner. Ben Greer Fitness Model. Tingley Sweet Treats Bakery. Moving Forward!: We jugworld a few minor changes to the Zug Jug for functionality. We realized if you had fruit or spreads in the dividers it could leak out from these areas easily.

There was hole in the middle of the ice p Zug Jug - World's Greatest Jugs jugworld their cover photo. See All. Zug Jugs are even great for your little fury friends. Order at www.

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See More. I didn't stop at correcting the problems of Bad Jugs. The Zuggie screw-on lid has threads on top that screw right into the bottom of the Zug Jug so you can easily carry candy samples tits food and drinks in one unit. The Zuggie is the perfect solution for bringing hot or cold food along with your drink. Made with jugworld same kitchen-grade stainless steel and Zero-Loss Jugworld Technology, the Zuggie will keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

Fill up your Zuggie with chili, spaghetti or publicagent sex eggs and they will stay hot until you're ready to eat it. Or fill it with dip, salad, fruit or dessert and they will stay nice and cool. Jugworld Zuggie comes with a removable divider insert in jugworld you want to add two different food items in one Zuggie, like hummus and veggies. It also has a removable freezer ring that lies on top for added cooling power. All parts of the Zuggie and the Zug Jug, too are dishwasher safe.

Fill the dividers with food. When your little buddy is hungry and thirsty, just pull the dividers out and use your water to fill Zuggie! Athletes can maintain their competitive edge with a Zug Jug full of sports drinks and Zuggie full of nutritious orange slices. Tailgaters can tote their favorite IPA and a Zuggie full of beer nuts. Campers can bring along their hot chocolate and a Zuggie full of marshmallows.

And dog owners can supply their furry friends with fresh water and a Zuggie full of jugworld food. The only question is: How will you use your Zuggie?

The largest challenge in a small business is raising jugworld for inventory. That is why we are asking for your support to help in jugworld endeavor.

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After we produce our initial run of products we have to manage the storage and distribution. We've worked out details with many partners and have the support and plan we need to proceed and get you the World's Greatest Jugs.

Our manufacturing plants jugworld locked down, our prototypes are made and our distribution plan is solid. Product ships in the Zug Jug's Velvet Bag. Standard Stainless Steel.

This does not include the Zuggie nutrition container on the bottom. Includes a personalized name plate.

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We will reach out prior to production with personalization options. Ships in Zug Jug's Velvet Bag. Includes an ice pack and 2 nutrition dividers.

Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel with Gloss Pink finish. Stainless Steel with Matte Black finish. Includes Zuggie with attachment to jug, ice pack and nutrition dividers. It also includes a jugworld name plate. Gloss Pink.

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Matte Black. Includes Zuggie with attachment to jug, ice pack and nutrition jugworld strapon complation each. We jugworld let you pick your colors. It also includes a personalized name plate for each player. Ships in Box's of 6 to one location. Each Zug Jug's will be in its own Velvet Bag. Apr 9, - May 10, 31 days. Share this project Done.

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Tweet Share Email. Zug Jug, a 72 oz. You can still pre-order at www. Zug Jug. Last updated October 18, Share this project. Here's how Zug Jug improves the jug: You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Zug Jug Removable Strainer. Jugworld Plate. Keep jugworld drinks hot even in the coldest temperatures.