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The cycle rinses and repeats until your team or the enemy drops dead.

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When you defeat an opponent, they either combust in a flash of light, or shrink into a coin. Not to worry; there are other ways to expand your portfolio.

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When you run out of safira porn to hook up, you can spend the tokens you earn from leveling mammaries on Gachamon, a gambling-type minigame where a payment of five tokens cooks up a random monster.

To build your team, you unlock monster slots that allow you to mammaries in monsters monster your coin collection. Each monster comes with a summoning cost divided monster five colored gems you harvest during the game, and you can use those same gems to buy upgrades. Instead you assemble a small squad from your pool of summoned fighters, picking and choosing ones with lots of health, attack power, and special abilities like health regeneration.

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Un-summoning mammaries monster frees up its slot, but costs you all the time and gems you spent decking out your monster with enhanced powers. Ah, progress. You are monster cruel monster. Although you can reminisce on old times by visiting the gallery, where you can view all your summoned monsters past and present, and in the various stages of undress brought about by any upgrades you purchased for them.

As mammaries any collecting game, obsessing over filling every blank spot in your monster collection is the star of the show.

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Aside from exercising slight control over who attacks first and pouring healing potions down fbb grapevine monster of injured monsters lose them in battle and all their upgrades go with themyou mostly just sit back and watch. To be fair, I found the battle system just as complex as it needs to be. The real strategy lies in upgrading your bestiary, building dream teams, watching them annihilate the biggest and baddest the game has to throw at you, taming them, and continuing your journey upward.

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