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A post shared by Sammyscosplay sammyscosplay on Oct 2, at 7: She becomes the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates early on and holds her own within the series. The navigator is a significant position seeing as how she determines which direction the ship will go while they're out in open water. The orange hair and the brown eyes are obvious similarities, but the outfit is also detailed to the nines. Sammy also acquired the log pose watch from the same company.

But I am back just in time for all the WCS stories and news! Aside from having an awesome name, Dracule Mihawk is one of the coolest pirates in One Piece.

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Cosplayer Dorian Amaury is practically Mihawk brought to life. Everything from the contact lenses to the ensemble is brilliant. However, it's the "facial hair" that really makes this costume and Mihawk might just have the best barber in anime and manga combined. His retro clit hair could probably cut through steel if he put just the right amount of effort into it.

Top 10 Roronoa Zoro Attacks, Ranked. Cosplayer Eiki nails both of those things, plus he keeps a cigarette on hand for good measure. His sleek outfit of choice is also one of Sanji's more well-known looks.

While Roronoa Zoro and Dorian Amaury both made appearances earlier on this list, this cosplay — and this photo in particular — was too good to ignore. Then again, it's hard to not look intense when you've got two swords in hand and the third one in your mouth. When they cry World of Warcraft Working!! Anime x. Anime y. Anime z.

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Anime other. Product type. All Version. USD Nami peripheral. Nami wigs. USD 6. Nami shoes. International Shipping. USD 9. USD 0. USD 8. USD 5. It's no mystery as to why as it's a gorgeous live-action reimagining of this Nami sequence that sees her paling around with Zoro and Luffy before the events of the Claire dain nude Arc park and its emotional climax.

The Arlong Park arc was a gamechanger to many fans of the series as while the series had its fair share of tender moments for Zoro, Usopp, and Sanji joining the crew, it was a different case for Nami.

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The closed off and mysterious Nami was revealed to be stealing money and stashing it to save her town, but Arlong's dirty trick left her without any options. Finally breaking down, and letting her facade fall by the wayside, Nami tearfully asks Luffy for help. Putting his Straw Hat on her head, Luffy immediately chose to help Nami along with the rest of his crew.

I love her so much!

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Merry Christmas from Nami and Robin!! Hope everyone has a good day! No clima-tact for Nami cosplay this summer. It goes against the con cosplay weapons rule. I decided that when I get older and can go to pride with all my qu ee r f ri cosplay ds I am nami to cosplay Nudevista netvideogirls from One Piece one her only physical attribute that differentiates her from piece other girls is her monstrous tiddies.