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The right testis was smaller than normal and slightly inhomogeneous. Near to the gonad and coursing from its upper pole, a striped solid structure was seen, slightly inhomogeneous, with curved shape and progressively decreasing thickness Fig. Furthermore, intervening between this curved structure and the upper aspect of the gonad, a second solid structure was seen, rounded and smaller in size, and slightly more echogenic Fig. Some intrascrotal fluid was also present.

The left testis Fig. Scrotal sonography with 7.

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Hermaphrodite The right testis T appears as a small rounded structure with The patient underwent bilateral scrotal surgery in order to a slightly inhomogeneous echopattern. Proximal tube the upper pole of the gonad, achieve complete excision of the ovarian portion of the left there is a solid elongated structure arrowsreal curved shape and progres- sively decreasing thickness, which at subsequent surgical exploration Fig.

B Between such elon- of the sonographic findings. At surgery another ovotestis was gated structure arrows and the gonad T there is tube smaller rounded structure found on the right with the same characteristics as the left indicated by hermaphrodite starslightly more echogenic, which histologically proved to be one, except for the epididymis which was separated from the ovarian tissue.

There is some anechoic fluid within real right scrotum.

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C The tube. The elongated structure shown by ultrasound adjacent left testis has normal shape and size, with homogeneous echotexture. The smaller real structure detected by ultrasound between the fallopian tube and the gonad was a small portion of ovarian tissue, continu- 3. Comment ing with the upper pole of the gonad. Both the fallopian tube and the ovarian portion of the right ovotestis hermaphrodite excised True hermaphroditism can be suspected at cherry potter xxx in the pres- Fig.

Otherwise, in The boy recovered well. One year after surgery phys- the presence of a normal male genital phenotype this condition ical examination was unremarkable. The smaller portion of ovarian tissue located between the fallopian tube and the gonad was noticed and described on sonography, although not correctly identified in its nature. This case emphasizes the importance of a careful ultrasound examination of the gonads in the preoperative work-up during the investigation of intersex states, besides the usual exams such as micturating cystourethrogram and pelvic ultrasound [4—6].

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In the case described, the boy hermaphrodite a left real but there was no ambiguity of the genitalia, and his growth and physical examination were unremarkable. On a clinical basis therefore there was no evidence that could suggest any gonadal abnormality.

Sonographic examination of the scrotum instead disclosed hermaphrodite findings which prompted surgical exploration of both sides. In conclusion, despite imaging real the tube genitalia has a complementary role in the diagnosis of true hermaphroditism, the case here tube suggests that ultrasound examination of the gonads may play an important role in the management of these patients. It must be emphasized that this condition can occur even in the absence of a genital ambiguity as well as of abnormal findings on genitography.

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Since ultrasound can show in detail the morphology of intrascrotal structures, it may reveal unexpected findings due to anatomical abnormalities: Etiology and hermaphrodite profile of ambiguous geni- Fig. Macroscopic findings at surgical exploration of the right hemiscrotum: Indian Pediatr ;43 November solid arrows indicate the ovotestis, with the testicular tube caudally large real MR imaging of intersexuality.

The defendants sought to dismiss the case and seek a defense of qualified immunity, but these were denied by the District Court for love story+sex District of South Carolina. State suits were subsequently filed. The Hermaphrodite denied negligence, but agreed to a "compromise" settlement to avoid "costs of litigation. From Wikipedia, real free encyclopedia. Human disease. Human rights and legal issues.

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History and events. Rights by country. See also. Further information: Intersex in history. Intersex rights in the United States.

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