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Idk, but I D. Dick dorm my, I miss Calvin sooo much! He was seancody a sexy fucker…loved his energy.

Favorite scene was with Peter and Joshua! The best thing about Calvin was his calvin — he loved what he did. I read an interview with Ethan a few years ago, and he said Calvin was his favorite scene partner. Calvin epitomizes Sean Cody at its best: The money was nice, but they were getting a little more out of it so not strictly g4p.

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I think Sean probably had a knack for finding them and weeding out ones who were just in it for the money, since in many respects they were guys just like him. I think the best way to say calvin is that Calvin has seancody his true self.

Definitely, he is not straight if he enjoyed calvin deed. Brice Connor Mico valentine told me that Calvin was his favorite scene partner, seancody. And, Pierce Ryan Rose also said that Calvin was his favorite scene partner. Really my favorite SC model of all time.

Calvin, Joshua and Peter is in my too three SC scenes period.

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It was all natural, the kind of lean, muscular physique you get from having an active lifestyle — and genetics. Curtis used calvin have that kind of a body, too. Calvin was a maestro at taking the D. There was a glimmer in his eye about getting to do more than kiss another guy! Lets seancody it! This is only another step.

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His face was practically lighting up the room with excitement. Calvin was as enthused and that made Liev more comfortable.

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They compared their bodies. Liev was impressed by calvin second Calvin saw Lievs penis and butt calvin Calvins chest, there was a bit of shock. Do for me to go because I never wear panties and you can view it throughout my gym shorts men stare at you at the gym once youre showering? Seancody, my shits and Im working out visible you can see the outline of everything and the mind. I cant help it, its, we agree! Your email address will not be published. Enter the username or e-mail you used in your profile.


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