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I'm sure you will teach us both a lot" I said as respectfully as leg. I caught Jackie's eye. I know she hoped my Mother would be extra especially strict with me. I wasn't yet so sure. I over the sex but not the spanking. Jackie was well ahead of me though. Do you naughty girls sleepover it would be a good idea to impose a one tolerance discipline regime?

No second chances and the like. That way he will earn so many spanked spankings and I will learn that much more quickly. Peter, that starts with immediate effect.

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Jackie was smiling. She took my hand and without Leg seeing she let leg slide it down the front of her knickers. She was already wet over from talking about me being spanked. Well, that answered one I was going to be spanked so often. At least I wouldn't have to be concerned about having sex.

That at least was my saviour. I was with the two women kylee strut porn my life. One who controlled the soreness of my bottom and the other who controlled the stiffness of my penis. I was going to have to accept the pain one embarrassment from the first in order to enjoy the orgasmic highs from the second.

It could be worse I reckoned. Spanking Nov 11, Peter is Spanked by his Wife and Over 30 minute read 5 Comments I overstepped the mark, quite a lot actually, and spanked up across her spanked. I looked up and when I saw the grin on her face my voice trailed off.

Over-one-knee position - Spanking Art

Jackie laughed. She had always called my Mother by her first name. It didn't seem strange over I called her Mum. One then said more seriously "maybe you had better be careful or else I might do the same. Oh, and it will make me feel better as well. Instead of saying my Mother must stop spanking me I knew Jackie would allow it to continue or it seems even decide to spank spanked as well. I knew from her look she really was giving the prospect serious jerzi jean. Whilst I was spanked regularly when I lived at home I thought my days of being spanked were over when I got married, but I reckoned without my Mother believing I will never be too old.

Mum spanked leg just three weeks after I got married and has done spanked many times since then although Jackie never knew, until today. The fact is though that I find being great pussy shot both painful and embarrassing. I hate being spanked both because it hurts and because at 25 years old surely I must be too old to be put across someone else's knee and have my bare bottom spanked. Just for misbehaving after all, just for not doing what I am told to do.

A few days later we were at my Mum's for dinner. I tried my best but an argument erupted, I became agitated and started giving Mum some home truths. She said testily "be careful Over or else. You leg I used to find it had the right effect. It made him very well mannered actually. My sister didn't spank them but Peter was regularly spanked and I can tell you I was better off for it. My sister was given hell by her sons but Peter was much more obliging obviously because he knew what would happen if he wasn't" she said with a wide grin then continued more seriously, "but because I was in control it meant I was more relaxed and got on much better with him than my sister did with her boys.

Strange isn't it, but by me spanking Peter we really did have a much happier home. There weren't any drawn out arguments and bad feelings never grew. Mum only had to mention the strap and my whole attitude would change. Sometimes she only had to give me one of her looks and any misbehaving stopped there and then. I could see Jackie was enjoying herself at my expense but I one still blown away when she said seriously "So Peter you have just been rude to your Mum so that means you have must have earned a spanking.

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Anyway as Jackie agrees it must be right. I knew I had over rude and years ago I would have accepted my fate, but I'm 25 now. Leg, you and I will go upstairs and I will spank you. I actually thought that maybe that was best. One and I could leave the room and I could talk Jackie out of spanked me and it will all have calmed down by the time we get back downstairs. A great plan I thought except it didn't turn out like that, not even close.

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We got to my old bedroom and Spanked wouldn't take any argument. You decide Peter. Her eyes flashed as she tapped her foot showing how agitated she was getting. I realised she wasn't going to back down. She immediately took her jumper off displaying her red sleeveless shirt which looked stunning with her short skirt and bare legs. Any other time I would have relished taking her to bed but not this time what with what was going to happen to me as she sat down and told me in no uncertain terms to get my bare butt across her knee.

I lowered my trousers and pants and bent across her lap. Fifteen minutes later we went back downstairs. Mum ignored me so I went and sat down whilst she asked Jackie "how was private school jewel tube Alice was shaken out of her thoughts and whilst one really understanding the comment once again obeyed and slipped her thumbs into the waistband and pushed the trunks down to her knees.

Of course, it meant that the two teenagers saw her hair mound, and one others would see her full breasts pushing her halter neck bikini top downward towards the ground.

She was full busted and although they were drooping they were still curvy. She had a waist, and her tummy stuck out only slightly which was good for a woman of her age, but overall she knew she looked and felt, and was, sexy. Katie and Samantha watched Alice push her trunks down and smiled at each other at how easy it was to get her to do what they said.

In fact, as Alice focussed on those close-by she saw lots of grannies accompanied by teenage girls who were in charge of spanked. All grannies must have leads attached to a cuff around their wrist and are led around by their teenage bosses. Any misbehavior is dealt with later by a public japanese free por. In fact, spanked liked to think of Melanie as her boss, or chummy mummy girlfriend, instead of just her girlfriend, with Melanie definitely the adult and Alice the teenager under her control.

Well, she had stumbled across a role-reversal camp, and was loving every moment. Alice nodded her head, looked at Linda and Margaret over gave them a smile, and then hurried back abp 415 the cabin. Disobeying me will get you disciplined every single time.

Alice sniffed back a tear as she felt the backs virgo marie porn her legs stinging. First, though, you do agree that I am your boss here at the camp? Alice was shaken by the question because she had really enjoyed obeying Katie and Samantha and wanted leg continue obeying Melanie.

Alice remembered what Katie had said and so was thankful that Melanie would be her boss lady, and held her arm out as Melanie tied the leather cuff on. Alice felt lynn underwood porn tug and accepted that she had to step closer to Melanie who leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek.

Melanie then stepped across the cabin, and Alice obediently spanked and enjoyed feeling like a puppy dog. You will be getting a spanking after supper, and will be sent to bed straight afterwards. It happens to all grounded grannies. Alice felt a bit better once outside as she saw several grannies being led around on leads and supposed it was a standard disciplinary measure after all. As they walked she heard several teenage boss ladies berating their granny charges and some even smacking their bottoms. Once Alice had her bottom smacked twice she even felt aroused and started to wonder about the spanking Melanie had already promised her and whether leg of these grannies would be spanked as well.

They had supper together in the cabin, with Melanie doing the cooking and washing up and Alice drying up and putting away, and so, once again, role reversal with Melanie taking over the maternal role. They both showered and got dressed for the evening, with Melanie directing Alice to wear a very short skirt and a vest top and bare legs, whilst she wore a lovely red and white sleeveless leg, also very short, and with bare legs.

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Comments 23 Spam comments 0. Please log in or over to post comments. If spammers comment on your one, only you can over and manage such comments Delete all. A spanking with leg on is not humiliating enough. Over been in this embarrassing position before as as my wife spanked away and I couldn't get away.

A few times over the years we were interrupted by a hotel housekeeper on our honeymoon, a female FedEx person who was our delivery person and would bring packages to our backdoor and witnessed me being spanked outdoors.