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Additional resources have been provided by the local social services to help the girls. Female genital mutilation has been illegal in Sweden since and can be punished with up to four years in prison.

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If the offence is considered to be aggravated then the penalty can be up to ten years. Since it is also an offence under Swedish law if the procedure is performed in a swedish country. When school breaks up for the summer holidays the risk of being exposed to the surgery increases for many Swedish girls due to the prospect of visits to their parents' home countries. Most girls who undergo the procedure are between the ages of years, but hunk rips off girls panties operation is also carried out on infants.

Teenagers typically suffer a wide range of complications including period pains and headaches and for exposed it can be very painful to urinate. There are no established figures detailing the extent of the female genital mutilation in Sweden, or of how many girls are brought to their parents' girls of origin to get it done.

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More than one-third of Swedish girls subjected to sex offences in – Official report

What do you think of mid-eastern immigrants? ABBA group often wear "no-touch" clothing? So tired of living in Sweden! If true Is it proven all these new rapists are recent immigrants to Sweden? Spacespider Out of the Swedish population aged6.

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One third of a woman? Was it like from the knees down, or something? That's horrible. Ship the migrants back. Offer them aid or protection in their own country of origin. It doesn't make single women want to go see Sweden on a trip. Economic loss.

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I bet women are moving away from Sweden. They are invaded by foreign cultures. Another reason for building the wall between Mexico and the USA. Any Democrat that opposes this really is a DumbAxx. You cant fix stupid.

I honestly dont know how a country can let their women be tormented so much. Because rapes never happen in the USA. Jefferton originally posted by: CosmicAwakening originally posted by: Spacespider Original exposed Now 1 in 3 of young woman in Sweden experience rape Dirty little school girls the same and you know it! From the article: MindBodySpiritComplex If we are to believe gillette's new commercial, then cat calls are a serious problem.

So which is it? Women are bigly victims in America? Women in Sweden are overreacting? I also didn't see anything solidly implying immigrants though there is an argument these numbers are rising with the increasing of immigration. You're putting the cart before the horse. Society as swedish whole is going through a morality crisis while struggling with technological advances and detachment from community.

This OP was sloppy and disingenuous in my opinion. Presenting possibilities as fact. Someone asked if it is the immigrants doing this? Look up some girls the "rapes stats" in places like Afghanistan, or Latin America for that matter.

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Wake up world, these people are not coming here to be Swedes, or Germans, or Americans, or Italians, they are coming to end your way of life, period. Y'all have had it too good for too long and the "globalists" are here to put a stop to it If you can't see that you ain't looking very hard, or looking at all.

Spacespider Horrific and undoubtedly true, given the conservative way that most poll's are conducted and estimated the real figure is probably far higher.

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Archivalist One third of a woman? No one else has pulled you up on this completely disgusting joke so I shall. What if it was, Your Sister. Your Daughter. Your Aunt.