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Tips to Finding the Best Custom Inground Pools Builders

What is a custom inground pool? A custom inground pool is a pool that has been customized and built to fit the customer’s specifications. Most people already have an idea in their head of what they want for their backyard, whether it be a little oasis or just a full-blown resort with tons of entertainment features. A good builder will help you establish your dream and then construct it in your backyard. What is the perfect approach to find a custom inground pool builder? There are so many inground pool builders out there that it is difficult to decide which one you should use.

First, decide on what type of design you would like (i.e., complicated or straightforward; natural or synthetic; indoor or outdoor; etc.). Next, do your homework by shopping around, checking out websites magazines, and talking to people. This way, you can narrow down your list of potential custom inground pool builders. Once you have developed a list of possible companies and individual contractors, set up interviews with them, be sure to ask each person about their previous work history, how long they have been in business, their specialty, and recent projects they have completed. You’ll want to ask how much involvement you will have with the construction of the pool itself (are there special considerations that need to be taken due to your backyard terrain, does it require a permit, etc.)

Secondly, develop a budget. This can be done by first establishing your “wants” for the project, i.e., what type of inground pool you would like, how many features it should have, etc. Be sure to talk about pool maintenance and the cost of chemicals (i.e., salt vs. chlorine). Make sure to ask them if they offer a warranty, and if so, what does it cover. A good custom inground pool builder should submit a written contract that clearly states all the details of your agreement with them. Focus more on quality. You may have to pay more for this, but it will save you money in the long run by getting a pool that doesn’t leak or malfunction. Beware of inground pool builders who try to talk you into a cheap service. Find a company that makes you see the value for your money.

Finally, find the builders who use modern technology in their operations. For instance, are they web-based and provide online customer service? Do they have a personal website that has photos of their finished projects? Does the company use CAD (computer-aided design) software to develop an initial site plan and final drawings for your approval? Does the builder offer help in landscaping and backyard improvements such as installing outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, outdoor rooms, etc.? If so, check into that company’s credentials. You should also know if the construction crew is union-based or non-union (check with your local labor board to see which one they are licensed for). Also, make sure to ask about their safety record. It ensures that you are hiring a company that takes safety measures seriously.

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