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2. Loose, large pocket jeans

Show More Comments Close Comments. Karen Kane trapeze dress Amazon. In other words, you might as well kiss your booty goodbye when you wear one. The pockets on a pair of jeans may not be the first wofelovers you consider while denim shopping. But the tight, shape, and placement of these pockets is nothing short of an art form. They have the power to transform your butt — for better or worse — the minute you turn your back.

Jeans with large pockets, especially jeans that have a loose, boyfriend dress, can make a small butt appear even smaller. Slim-fit jeans with small pockets, especially those situated higher on the rear, often do a far better job at bringing out even the smallest of butts. A woman wearing tight pants iStock.

Fabrics that are too tight and stretchy, such as Lycra, can squeeze your butt in all the wrong places leading to a flattening effect rather than rounding out your derriere. Bubble skirt Maykool. A bubble skirt does not create a bubble butt — at least not the one you want.

Yes, this type of skirt makes the booty look bigger, butt in all the wrong ways.